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International Medical Graduates

Overseas trained medical graduates make a substantial contribution to Australia's health system, providing quality care to patients in all parts of the country.

Australia is world-renowned for its standards of medical education and training, with the Australian community having access to high quality health care services. All international medical graduates must be able to meet the Australian Medical Association's standards including requisite English language skills. A full list of the requirements can be found here

Scope-Medical Recruitment advertises regularly for lucum doctors to work in Australia. Have a look at our careers' page and find out more by contacting us

Working in Australia

English speaking, accessible visas, better pay and generally more than 240 days of sunshine a year together make Australia an appealing destination for international medical graduates looking for a new place to live and work. 


Golden beaches, clear skies, a high wage and a laidback lifestyle are very attractive to foreign workers. Australian cities are regularly ranked among the most liveable in the world. Living and working in regional Australia will also be rewarding, and with a large number of available places to work in the medical sector it is becoming a popular choice. Far from being isolated, regional areas often have well-established and welcoming communities, along with lower housing costs. 

Having a job already lined up will make a big difference to getting a working visa. Send us your CV here and keep looking on our locum job page for opportunities. 

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