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Locum Doctors

Committing some time to locum can be beneficial to your medical career and on-going personal development. Working as a locum is a great way to sharpen your skills as you will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of different environments, with different systems and teams.

And when your working day is done, you can relax by taking a stroll on one of Queensland's beautiful beaches or hiking the trails of Kakadu in the Northen Territory. Working as a locum offers you an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy a work/life balance you'll fall in love with.

Why Scope?
  • We negotiate the highest rates.

  • We are specialists in the area of Mental Health.

  • Unprecedented access to unadvertised vacancies.

  • We act as your personal career advisor.

  • We offer a targeted and tailored approach to your applications in accordance with your requirements

100% Free Service to you

There is no charge to you for our services. In addition, accommodation and a travel allowance is usually included in your contract.

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